Professional instruction for kickers, punters & long snappers is led by former NFL great Ray Guy and camp Director Rick Sang

  • A history of proven success

    Thousands of athletes at all levels have trained with

  • One-day camp option

    Identical to the first day of nationally renowned academy.

  • Two-day camp (academy)

    Adds in depth review of individual skills/fundamentals from Day 1.

  • National Rankings

    For goal setting, college recruitment and scholarships.

  • Skill technique videos

    Recommended for athletes in pursuit of scholarships.

  • Skill charting camps

    Ideal for advanced athletes pursuing recruiting attention.

Tennessee camp registration on-line or call (606) 922.8482

Ray Guy National Top Prospect Camp in Nashville, TN – July 11-12, 2020 CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO has football kicking, punting and long snapping camps scheduled in Tennessee. Private Lessons available. CLICK HERE & Reserve your spot by registering today!

Knoxville / Alcoa, TN (March 14, 2020)

One-day kicking & punting camp / skill charting available.

Nashville, TN (May 17, 2020)

One-day kicking & punting camp / skill charting available.

Nashville, TN (June 20-21, 2020)

Two-day camp, for kickers, punters & long snappers, youth camp, skill charting available.

Knoxville / Alcoa, TN (August 1, 2020)

One-day kicking & punting camp / skill charting available.

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"Ray Guy and Rick Sang provide crucial information for the special teams player, no matter what skill level. They have developed numerous specialists at every level of the game including high school, college and the NFL. Not only do they teach the technical skills, they teach the much-needed mental skills that will give every athlete a competitive advantage."
Bob Ligashesky”
- former Pittsburgh Steelers special teams coach, Super Bowl XLIII

Private kicking lessons

Tennessee football kicking instruction and private lessons are available

Private kicking instruction and lessons are an excellent compliment to individuals looking to refine their skill set. It is a very quick and effective way to individually learn proper techniques and practice habits that will enhance skill development to the optimum level! Private lessons and instruction with Matt Reagan (Nashville), John Markham (Nashville), Logan O’Connor and Gerald Robinson (Knoxville) and Nick Pollard (Chattanooga) are available.


Why choose

It is simply the most reliable training available

Most kickers, punters and long snappers do not have access to a coach or proper instruction to learn and develop at an elite level. They are in many cases on their own. At, athletes learn to start taking charge of their own skill development from the moment training with our professional staff begins. More importantly, athletes learn and develop the skills and techniques necessary for coaching themselves on their own.

  • Professional training for athletes at every skill level
  • Each participant receives personal attention
  • by design teaches athletes to coach themselves
  • The most comprehensive kicking, punting & long snapping camps.
  • Accessibility: Over 50 locations across the county
  • National rankings database provides recruiting exposure
  • Skill charting for enhanced state, regional exposure


Instructional advantages

FIRST DAY (same as one-day camp)

  • Charting to determine skill level, track individual progress.
  • Learn flexibility drills for specific development of kicking, punting and long snapping skills.
  • Develop “self-reliance” strategies that enable each athlete to learn to coach himself.
  • Personal attention and coaching by professional instructors for immediate skill learning and development.
  • Learn step-by-step fundamentals and drills that develop a “blueprint” of practice and improvement.
  • Individual filming and analysis using innovative computer software for immediate visual learning.
  • Learn through demonstrations by  collegiate and pro athletes.
  • Practice and compete with other talented high school and collegiate athletes. Take advantage of learning by associating with others who share a common goal


SECOND DAY (part of two-day Academy)

  • Advanced review of individual techniques to promote faster skill improvement and deeper learning retention.
  • Learn fundamentals in a systematic order that matches the sequence in which skills are executed in games
  • Accelerate skill development through our integrated “snap-to-kick” instruction.
  • Learn how to develop your natural abilities into highly successful habits that translate into confidence.
  • Learn game-day preparation and team strategies.
  • Develop strategies to incorporate “timing” into the practice routine. This is the “silver bullet” that transforms skill development into game-day performance.
  • Learn the secrets of “coming through in the clutch” and build a mental plan into a workout routine.
  • Learn strength training and flexibility drills for specific development of individual skill.
  • Receive a personal evaluation to improve skills and further learning, and advance the process of becoming one’s own coach.
  • My personal experience was as a student and then as an instructor. I attended my first camp as a sophomore in college and it really helped me turn the corner in my career.
    Andy Lee
    - Three-time Pro Bowl punter for San Fracisco 49ers
  • This is the most comprehensive kicking, punting and long snapping camp that exists. It identifies the common techniques of successful specialists and proves there is more than one way to kick a football.
    Jonathan Ruffin
    - 2000 Lou Groza Award Winner
  • I absolutely without a doubt love to keep working at these camps because I think (the coaches) teach the right way. ... The focus at these camps is on the individual — and the ways to make them better.
    Mike Nugent
    - Cincinnati Bengals kicker and former Lou Groza Award winner
  • What is great about these camps is they teach you the repetitions you need and the way you learn how to coach yourself — so when you go back to your school you know how you need to practice.
    Graham Gano
    - Carolina Panthers kicker and former Lou Groza Award winner kicking, punting, long snapping options

The program is designed with flexibility in mind

One-Day Camp

First day of Academy


  • Skill charting
  • Specific flexibility drills
  • Self-reliance strategies
  • Personal attention
  • "Blueprint" for practice
  • Individual filming
  • Pro, college demonstrations
  • Elite-level competition


Two-day Academy


  • Advanced review
  • Systematic instruction
  • Accelerate development
  • Game-day preparation
  • Come through in clutch
  • Apply skills on the field
  • Strength training, flexibility
  • Personal evaluation

Youth Camp

Half day (10 and under)


  • "Kick-start" career
  • Specific flexibility drills
  • Self-reliance strategies
  • Personal attention
  • "Blueprint" for practice

Skill Charting

For scholarship exposure


  • Scholarship attention
  • Make list of top prospects
  • Scores can only go up
  • Ranking info sent to colleges
  • Fluid ranking are live 24/7
  • Competitive platform
  • Elevate skill level
  • Day 1 of Academy

Registration for Tennessee camps is under way now!

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